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Your Questions Answered

  • What is TopazFlex?

    Is a solution framework that manages your staff scheduling Free of charge. It is a disruptive solution which bypasses the Agency staffing model by allowing clients to share staff. By Sharing your staff you benefit to a much larger pool of skilled workforce, the charges are at least 20% cheaper than agencies, most beneficially, an additional revenue stream from every shift your staff works elsewhere!

  • How much does TopazFlex cost?

    TopazFlex is free. A management app will be provided to manage your shifts that the system has created for you. There is no constraint on the number of shifts or number of staff you have. The system will always provide a shift solution that meets all your staff contracts and their preferences, at the lowest shift cost achievable.

  • What are my benefits?

    TopazFlex will assure your job security, with the flexibility to earn more money without needing to use staffing agencies that may impact your current employment contract. Our App allows you to easily review your schedule, request and confirm additional shifts, fast and easy communication with your employers, who does your payroll regardless of where you worked your shift.

  • How do I get extra shifts?

    From now on your employer has agreed that all management will be done via the TopazFlex app. You will see your shifts and timesheet sign-off status. You are able to request or accept additional shifts through the app, only when and wish you would like them. If you are offered a shift else where you will be offered an higher rate and expenses. You are in control of when and where you work, through the TopazFlex app.